Dark Bowser – 12″ plush


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Dark Bowser is Bowser's final boss in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He has all the powers Bowser has, along with many dark variations as well. He seeks to cover the Mushroom Kingdom in darkness and destroy it. When the Dark Star was gathering DNA from Bowser's body, Mario and Luigi tried to stop it before it succeeded. The brothers fought hard to defeat it, but apparently, it had already absorbed every piece of DNA that it needed, and it transformed into Dark Bowser, although in a ghost-like state because he was incomplete. The only parts missing were the legs, which it obtained by inhaling Dark Fawful, thus completing his form, and becoming solid in the process. He flees from Bowser, but when Bowser finds him in the secret tower of Peach's Castle, they both execute flame breath attacks that clash with each other, initiating the prologue to the final battle. Bowser overwhelms Dark Bowser, then they both curl up into a spike ball and the fight commences. Bowser again overwhelms his dark form, who gets away. Later, Dark Bowser unleashes a dark hurricane over the Mushroom Kingdom, trapping Broque Monsieur, the Blue Paratroopas and several Toads and Goombas in bubbles. Bowser is now the only one who can defeat his doppelganger. Packed in Opp Bag. Actual color of products might vary a little due to photography and settings of monitor color.


  • New 2017. Perfect as a gift for all super mario bros fans. With a free badge.
  • He is extremely soft, cuddly, cute. Collectible as well.
  • Children will love him! He is a friend who can be taken wherever you go!
  • Material: High quality soft plush
  • Size: Approx. 8"L x 6"W x 12"H

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