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Restocking time!

Oh dear! Seems like some of the plushies were missing from our website. Looks like today will be a day to restock it a bit. I’m going through the site now to see who is missing and get them added back in. If the one you wanted wasn’t here before, hopefully it will be now.  

BIG pillow review

I’ve had a chance to check out some of the giant plushy pillow / cushions at the game store. They are REALLY BIG. I’ve seen the green koopa shell, mushroom, and thwomp.  If they are supposed to be pillows, shouldn’t they be shaped that way? The shell for sure would not be comfy to sleep […]

Thank you for the Birdo

Thank you to everyone that has bought stuff from my store! I used the money I earned to buy this Birdo plush: I think the next time I get paid from having this store I will get a Captain Toad or maybe Mario Party 10. I also got a bunch of new plushies for Christmas. […]

New plushes added to my store!

I am so excited to add one of the Captain Toad plushies and the Luigi and polterpup ones from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon to our store. It is nice that someone finally made plushes of them. I hope they make more! I hope I can get all of these, especially Captain Toad!   Note from […]

New Mario Plushies Coming Soon?!

I have been wondering if there were any new Mario plushy toys coming out anytime soon and found out that there are some new ones coming in December in Japan! I’m sure some of you will be excited for this one — Captain Toad! Actually there are two new Captain Toads to choose from, one […]