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New Mario Plushies Coming Soon?!

I have been wondering if there were any new Mario plushy toys coming out anytime soon and found out that there are some new ones coming in December in Japan! I’m sure some of you will be excited for this one — Captain Toad! Actually there are two new Captain Toads to choose from, one […]

Washing Your Plushes

Sometimes something happens and you need to clean your plush toys. If they just get a little bit dirty you can give them a surface wash, but if they get really dirty, or soaked through with something yucky, you’ll need to give them a bath. We gave our Yoshi a bath after he fell in […]

Baby Mario


Thanks for visiting my new store. Here you will find lots of different kinds of Mario plushes for you to buy. We want to help you get whatever plush that you want that you don’t have. (If you weren’t looking for a Mario plushy, this is probably the wrong place to look!) Our family has […]