BIG pillow review

I’ve had a chance to check out some of the giant plushy pillow / cushions at the game store.

They are REALLY BIG.

I’ve seen the green koopa shell, mushroom, and thwomp.  If they are supposed to be pillows, shouldn’t they be shaped that way? The shell for sure would not be comfy to sleep on.


I think they’d work much better as giant power ups. The giant mushroom would have been better off as a mega mushroom (if it had yellow). The thwomp would be better of as a regular plush, not a pillow.

Banzai Bill is another one they did as a pillow. We just added that to the store so you can buy it now. Plus now there’s also a red koopa shell.banzaibill redshell

There’s also apparently a question block and a 1-up, but I haven’t seen them yet, and they’re not on Amazon either.

question 1up

Two new kind of cushions just came out last month. The 8-bit Mario is an interesting choice. There’s also an 8-bit goomba. I haven’t seen these yet either.