New plushes added to my store!

I am so excited to add one of the Captain Toad plushies and the Luigi and polterpup ones from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon to our store. It is nice that someone finally made plushes of them. I hope they make more! I hope I can get all of these, especially Captain Toad!

Captain Toad  Luigi with Poltergust 5000Upset Luigi with Poltergust 5000 Polterpup

Note from Mom – These four are not shipped directly from Amazon like most of the other plushes are and thus are not Prime eligible, but we thought some people might still want to buy them anyway. They can be hard to find. You will still pay through Amazon, but for these the sellers are third party stores that will ship to you directly. The sellers offering these particular plushes do have good ratings and feedback.